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Chewing (as well and licking and sniffing) are the three main things that get a pup's brain producing the chill-out hormone DOPAMINE.


Going to a friend's house for dinner and worried they'll beg at the table? Give them a Buffalo Horn. Going to a cafe or restaurant and wish they'd just lie down quietly under the table? Give them a stuffed chew toy. Zoomies driving you up the pole and you just wish they'd be stationary for more than 0.3 seconds? Cover a lickimat in liver paste!

Our chews are rated from light to heavy, and here's an idea of which breeds can have what and what age they should be!

Suitable for pups from 8 weeks old

also for toy adult breeds like Pomeranians, Cavallier King Charles and Chihuahuas.

Common questions:

Q. How long should I give my dog a chew for?

A. 20-30 minutes is ideal, and wait for a natural moment to go and take it away, i.e when your pup has fallen asleep or walked away. 

Q. How often should my dog be given a chew?

A. Once a day for around half an hour is ideal, especially for the moments where you really need them to be calm, like when you want to relax together on the sofa.

Q. My dog's are arguing over their chews, what should I do?

A. Always give the same value chew to both dogs to help prevent jealousy, if they get VERY upset with one another, feed them in separate rooms or give one to one pup while you take the others out for a walk.

Q. They've started guarding their chew, what should I do?

A. Never EVER take a chew off a dog because you can. How would you feel about someone taking your pizza off you halfway through a meal?? For more info please watch our video on resource guarding on the videos page of this website. 

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