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Hello there! My name is Olivia and I’m a certified and insured dog trainer (CPDT) with a level three qualification in Canine Behaviour and Psychology. I've been working with dogs since I was 18, and in 2020 decided to take the plunge and start my own business.


Working with dogs is genuinely a dream come true for me; I honestly feel so blessed when I can help owners and their furry companions live confident, happy lives together.

I specialise in puppies and reactivity. I’m a fountain of advice and information to help you and your little one get started off on the right paw. (Sorry). It’s so important to make sure you have the right knowledge and systems in place to ensure you and your dog grow together in the best possible way. Check out the videos of our classes!

With regards to reactivity this is where I LOVE my job. Getting a dog that used to be terrified of other dogs to be able to walk past and still be relaxed is the most amazing feeling! Check out my reviews or watch the reactivity before-and-afters on my videos page to see some incredible results after just a few sessions.


I can also help with other more complicated, ingrained behaviours; such as separation anxiety, aggression, resource guarding, and reactivity to outside stimulus: such as other dogs, children, vehicles etc. While daunting, trust me there are solutions to help your dog or puppy with any and all of these!


Finally, I feel it’s important to say I am a POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT, FORCE FREE dog trainer. I don’t do “corrections” or ask you to behave like the “alpha dog.” It’s all about creating and sustaining a relationship with your pet based on mutual respect and affection.


Every dog is different; but the more your dog loves, respects, and trusts you – the better results you can achieve together. 

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I have amazing girls who help me run my business. Laura is studying to be a behaviourist and Annie and Isobel are my fabulous dog walkers. They’re ALL dog mad and SO passionate about delivering the best service possible for our clients and their dogs.


Hello, I’m Isobel and I run

Busy Izzy Pet Services!

In 2016 I completed an apprenticeship working for Woodcroft Veterinary Group where I attained my Veterinary Assistant Diploma.


I loved every minute caring for animals and wanted to carry on being surrounded by them, so in January 2020 Busy Izzy Pet Services was born!


Acting as an extra pair of hands when you need them most. I have experience with dogs of all ages, rescue dogs also as I own one myself! I offer solo walks, group walks, and can dog sit in your home when you're away.

Isobel Slater

Busy Izzy Pet Services

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Hi everyone! My name is Laura and Im a dog trainer - obedience and assistance dog specialist and a student canine behaviourist.


My journey with working with animals began in my early teens working with horses. I became very ill in this period and required an assistance dog to provide practical tasks. I purchased a puppy and independently trained her. After we had finished our training together I decided to open Wild Spirit Dog Training December 2019.


My focus with training is creating the most satisfying bond with your dog possible. Obedience training is not just for working dogs. Teach your dog how to understand cues and the door to communication opens!

I’m also incredibly passionate about making sure your dog has the best daily structure through enrichment and exercise.

My approach is one of kindness, consistency, backed by science and positive reinforcement.

Laura Wild

Dog Trainer & Trainee Canine Behaviourist

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Hello! My name is Annie and run

Annie's Pet Services.


I have been dog walking for 3 years now.

I have always been a massive lover of animals since I was little, especially dogs!


I studied at Reasheath Animal Management in 2012 which included units on Dog training and Behaviour.


I had my own dog for 13 years, she unfortunately passed away last year.

Although I really miss her, it’s nice to be able to get my dog fix walking other peoples!

Annie Hilgart 

Dog Walker

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